The National Garden
The national garden was founded at the time of ' king Fath Ali ' in Qajar era 1861 , the war minister at the time " Reza khan Pahlavi " rebuilt and developed it . At the beginning of the Pahlavi dynasty , the area was named after it an example of critical historical events of this area is execution of Mirza Reza kermani .
From 1990 til now
From 1990 at the time " post museum " was officially opened in west wing working in conjunction with the central post office of Tehran which served in the central and eastern wing at the building from 1991 the building had been under the authority of museum and first open to the public « All parts » from 2015 .
The building Museum of Communication
This building was built at the time at the ministry of Qasem Souresrafil costing « 536.000.000 » IRR at the time and opened on July 24 , 1934 , as one of the most luxurious buildings in the capital and many foreigners and Iranian officials were among invitees .

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